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Listed below are all the questions that you might be asked on the Great Dinoville Quiz. All the answers can be found either on this website or on other dinosaur websites on the internet.

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Some of the dinosaur questions are easy and some are hard. Just study up and do your best. If you work hard, you may be able to win that prize.

Good Luck. Here is the list of questions.

How many dinosaur egg and nest sites have been found around the world?

Did dinosaurs nest in colonies?

Where were dinosaur eggs first found?

How small was the smallest dinosaur?

Most dinosaurs ate what type of food?

About how long ago did dinosaurs become extinct?

What is the oldest known dinosaur?

What type of dinosaur is Amanda?

What is a quadruped?

What kind of dinosaur is Tommy?

How big was the brain of a Stegosaurus?

What type of scientists study dinosaurs?

250 milllion years ago all of today's continents were joined together in one big land mass called what?

What does bipedal mean?

Did dinosaurs and people live at the same time?

How many different types of dinosaurs have been named?

Does anyone really know what color dinosaurs were?

What is the most common type of dinosaur fossils found today?

What type of rocks are fossils usually found in?

What does the word dinosaur mean?

What is the oldest known bird?

Where can you see dinosaur fossils today?

Did a Stegosaurus eat meat or plants?

To help grind up and digest their food, it is thought that some dinosaurs swallowed what?

CJ was a pachycephalosaurus. What does the name pachycephalosaurus mean?

How thick is the top of the skull of a pachycephalosaurus?

What is a coprolite?




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