CJ dinosaur character

Hey there, how's it going.

I'm glad you joined us at the Dino Adventures Website. I'm C.J. You know, the strong, athletic type. I'm a pachycephalosaurus, a dome-headed plant eater. Remember, that's dome-headed, not bone-headed. Let's try to keep that straight.

You aren't going to believe what happens to Tommy, Amanda and I in our first-ever, soon-to-be-released Dino Adventure movie, METEOR MADNESS. We follow the trail of a masked man, get chased by a crazy henchman and jump a lava river stacked four high on a wheel-chair. This movie rocks!

If that's not enough, this website is going to be filled with all kinds of cool stuff. We're going to have a caveman game where you can throw a plunger-tipped spear at moving targets and an action-packed game that lets you try your hand at stopping falling meteors. So go ahead and sign up for our e-mail newsletter. It's the best way to stay up to date with all your Dino Adventures friends.

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